Move to the Mound City

View of St. Louis from the  Cahokia Mounds .

View of St. Louis from the Cahokia Mounds.

Back in February of this year I moved to Saint Louis, MO from Champaign, IL where I had been living for about six years. Over the course of my adult life I have found myself uprooting and journeying to a new location in pursuit of new career opportunities: from Iowa City, IA (5 yrs) to Boulder, CO (5 yrs) to Toronto, ON, Canada (2 yrs) to Washington, D.C. (yrs) to Champaign, IL (6 yrs) to St. Louis, MO. My new position is with the agile-based software company Asynchrony in downtown St. Louis, doing mainly iOS development, but also getting the opportunity to learn Java alongside seasoned veterans.

More than six months later, I'm feeling very much at home in this city, which has so much to offer in terms of personal growth (a wide array of tech meetup groups and a very active entrepreneurial community) and entertainment (restaurants, breweries, festivals, concerts, sports, etc). I'm also finding working at Asynchrony stimulating, and I appreciate their insistence on a work/life balance, which allows me to pursue projects in my spare time.