SXSWi 2013 Recap

 Back in March (3/7 - 3/13) I had a great time attending SXSW Interactive for the second year in a row (last year I wrote a short blog post as well). A couple of weeks ago I gave a 'lunch & learn' presentation at work giving an overview of SXSW and summarizing the highlights of my trip. For me, SXSW is all about broadening my perspective and exploring new ideas, and although it's somewhat of an overwhelming firehose of information to try to grok, I always come away from the conference feeling energized and inspired. Many of the sessions were recorded and are available as audio streams from SoundCloud here).

This year I found the sessions/events I attended to fall roughly into one of three main recurring themes: 'Hardware is the New Software', 'Harnessing Big Data', and 'Collaboration/Innovation'.  Here is a categorized list of the sessions I attended (marked with a ☆), along with some other interesting ones I couldn't make it to, with links to slide decks, video/audio recordings, etc.

  Hardware is the New Software

 3D Printing


Internet of Things 

Wearable Tech 

  Harnessing Big Data

Quantified Self 

Data Science 

Personalized Health 

Collaboration / Innovation 

Lean / Agile  (Lean Startup mini-conference)


Sharing Economy