Tracking my heart health

In August I purchased a Withings blood pressure monitor. It's an inflatable arm band that connects with an iPhone and pairs with the Withings Health Mate app. It can take a reading of your systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as your heart rate. 

So, for about the past three months I've been tracking my blood pressure and heart rate. I take three separate readings each morning and evening (so, six total).  In the two plots below, I show the results so far. The colored lines are mean values, while the gray shaded region shows the range between the minimum and maximum values (of the six values taken each day). I'm also applying a gaussian smoother (with a width of about 2 days). The plots were done using Mathematica by importing the raw data from the Withings app.

According to the American Heart Association, I'm treading into the realm of so-called prehypertension, which is pretty disconcerting. There are lifestyle changes one can make to help lower one's heart rate, like losing weight, exercising, and cutting back on alcohol intake. I've got plenty of room to improve on all three of these areas. Hopefully when I report back in three months I can show some improvement.