Things in the cloud

A quick update on the project management front:  CulturedCode just recently released to the public a beta version of the upcoming cloud-based version of their app Things, which you can read about on their blog. After a couple of weeks trying to use Evernote for task/project management, I'm throwing in the towel and happy to be revisiting Things. I am, however, still on the lookout for the next big upgrade of Action Method Online, to see how it compares.

I also recently learned that Mariner Software released a major new update, version 6.0, of MacJournal, which I use. Although Evernote is not well suited for task/project management, I still think it can play a role for my extended notes on projects. So, I'll be attempting to gauge which one of these apps, MacJournal or Evernote, will be my de factor app for notes/journaling. One thing in Evernote's favor is that it is cloud-based, and as far as I can tell, v.6 of MacJournal does not yet introduce cloud sync