SXSW trip

On March 8th, I'm flying down to Austin, TX for the week and a half long SXSW festival. I started planning my trip back in September and am super excited to be going…this will be my first time attending. If you've never heard of SXSW, check out the above video montage from the SXSW You Tube channel and Baratunde Thurston's video for SXSW newbies, where he refers to SXSW as the "Mardi Gras of the online world". It's a massive convergence of creatives and entrepreneurs from the worlds of tech, music and film…a celebration of resourceful innovation. For the past several days I've been pouring over their event calendar, tagging talks, movies, concerts, meetups and parties I'm interested in: go check out my schedule so far. There are so many intriguing events, it's a bit overwhelming. My strategy has been to tag anything that sounds at all interesting, and then I can make the tough choice later which ones to actually attend. They did a great job on the web interface for setting up your schedule. They also have a social component to their site (check out my profile), which will come in handy during the festival when you want to try and track down someone you might have met at an event. I've been to Austin in March, and it was very pleasant. I'll hopefully be blogging/tumblogging/tweeting throughout my trip as well. Should be a blast!