Still trying to get organized

Last year I wrote a short review about Action Method Online, a cloud-based task/project management system that I'd just switched over to from Things. Over the past year I've found myself using it less and less, and once again have been looking for the 'killer app' for project management. Over on the AMO blog, they've announced a future overhaul is on the horizon, and I'll be very interested to see how this turns out.
In the mean time, I've decided to start using Evernote as a unified solution to store ideas and information, while at the same time tracking todo items. I think that's one of the problems I've had with AMO: I found myself always needing to expand on a task, but not being able to. That is, you can jot down a quick summary of the action item, but within the same widget view, you can't write additional notes. Additional notes can be written separately and associated with a specific project, but not tied closely with a specific todo item. In that regard, Things is starting to look more appealing again, but the problem with Things is that it is not cloud based, although they are actively working on that feature.
So, I'll be on the lookout for future versions of AMO and Things. But until then, I'll be trying my luck with Evernote as a light-weight project managment system.