New Year's Resuscitation

One of the reasons I started a blog a year ago was to have a central repository to collect ideas and chart out personal projects. But sometime early last summer, my inspiration faded away and most of my projects that I was trying to juggle fell by the wayside, and so naturally my motivation to keep this blog going died out. 

Staying organized and actively pushing projects forward has always been a challenge for me. I find it very difficult to keep a balance between my job, exercising, trying to have a social life, and working on personal projects. And when I get to a point where the balance is tipped, and one or two areas dominate over the rest, I find myself stepping back and evaluating priorities and trying to regain my footing. So, lately I’ve been exploring time/project management tools (e.g. like Action Method Online) and organizational tools in general (e.g. things like personal list aggregation such as for books), and so will be writing several entries in the coming days and weeks about my findings.

I will also try to review some of the highlights from last year, such as my time as an instructor at the NKS summer school, or my trip to Montreal. Also, I have a few new project ideas up my sleeve that I will be exploring here in the future.