The Bitter End

A few weeks ago I discovered this hilarious low-budget online sitcom called "The Bitter End". The episodes revolve around two brothers who find themselves sharing an apartment together after Bernard (the younger, aspiring novelist) decides to let Les (the older, fresh out of drug rehab) move in with him until he get's his shit together. Bernard has a crush on coffee shop waitress Eden, and is perpetually trying to take their relationship to the next level, but Les always seems to unintentionally impede his efforts. For more in-depth reviews, have a look at: tubefilter and alterna-tv.

Aside from being a pleasure to watch, I'm also drawn to this show because, being a fairly low-budget independent production, it has a certain tangible, real-life quality, that gives one the impression of being witness to the creative process as it unfolds. The sitcom grew out of an improv act at the Theatre Ste-Catherine in Montreal (where I'll be visiting in mid-July for several days, btw). It's interesting to watch the improv sketches online, which reveal the main elements of the show in a more primordial form. It's sort of analogous to being able to flip through an artist's sketchbook.

The show in it's present state still has that raw, pure form unspoiled by the ratings-driven demands of network television producers. Hopefully it will manage to stay that way for another season or two.