Digital sketchbooks

"Banana, ink/watercolor", page 1 of my watercolor sketchbook.

I've added a new Project section called Art, where I'll be uploading digital scans of my sketches. As I alluded to in a previous post, I've started keeping, actually not one, but two sketchbooks: one for pencil sketches and one for ink/watercolor sketches. So far, I've done one sketch in each book.

My motivation for posting digital copies is severalfold. Obviously, it serves the role of creating a digital archive of my sketches, useful in the event that a sketchbook is lost, for example. I also like the idea of allowing other people to look at my work, both for possibly getting feedback but also to hopefully provide inspiration to others to tap into their artistic side, in much the same way I have been inspired from reading "An Illustrated Life".  I'm also very keen on eventually exploring digital art techniques, and so creating a digital representation of my sketches is sort of the first step in that direction.