Fighting the battle against creative stasis

Although it's been nearly a month since my last post, I have been making steady but slow progress in nurturing my creative spirit back to a more healthy and active state. 

Being interested in the creative process, and looking for inspiration, I've watched several biographical documentaries over the past several weeks about highly creative people, such as Sketches of Frank Ghery, which I've already described in a previous post. Tomorrow I'll write a post about The Dali Dimension. Unfortunately I won't have time to write about all of the ones I've seen recently, but at least I'll list them here (in descending order of how much I liked them):

One creative outlet I haven't let wither away over the years is my guitar playing. However, it has reached a kind of hum drum stasis, where I tend to play the same chords or chord progressions for minutes at a time. When I first started playing the guitar back in college, I would make an earnest effort to compose songs, and I'd like to get back to that level of intensity again. So, I've dusted off Garageband on my mac, and bought a new Taylor acoustic guitar (the 110ce model) with a built-in pickup, and started recording my musical sketches. I'll be starting a Music Projects section and posting more about this in the future.

Another soul stirring activity I've embarked on recently is salsa dance lessons offered on campus at UIUC (CUATSALSA). Actually, I've been more social in general lately, having friends over or going out with friends: playing board games, Beatles Rockband, or just out for dinner and drinks.