My motivation for building this site

I have been contemplating starting a blog for quite some time, to be a central repository of my thoughts and ideas on a multitude of topics. There are several reasons I never pursued it until now, but the main reason is that I lacked any sort of focus or central purpose for the site. Gradually over time, however, that unifying focus became clear to me: creativity

That might seem like a very nebulous foundation upon which to base this blog, especially since I am not a cognitive scientist, psychologist or the like. But the quest to create and to understand the creative process (on both a human level and from a computational perspective) has been the dominant driving force in my life and is at the core of my identity. In the coming weeks and month, I will share some of my experiences with the creative process and try to convey my qualitative intuition about this enigmatic and often elusive quality. At the same time, this site hopefully will evolve into an active workspace for future projects and help to foster creative discoveries.

Over the next few weeks, most of my posts will likely be focussed on my motivations and plans for the site, in particular as I solidify its design and content structure. In the longer term, you can expect to find entries on topics like: 

  • thoughts on creativity, collaboration, and innovation
  • project ideas
  • links to interesting books, films, music, etc that I've recently encountered

This site is just getting launched and is very much a work in progress.